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Send tyres for cars, bikes or motorbikes.

Tyres are among the frequently sent bulky items. Lots of customers are already taking advantage of the ability to send tyres with GLS.

Sorting is done manually

GLS sorts complete wheels and tyres manually at its distribution centers and depots. Due to their size and weight, these items are not suitable for the automated sorting equipment. GLS always ships these non-conveyable parcels as bulky items.

Reliable tyre shipping with GLS

Do you want to send tyres or complete wheels commercially? GLS will collect consignments from you – either as part of an agreed delivery schedule or following notification via the relevant dispatch system for our business customers.

To ensure your parcel with tyres or complete wheels arrives safe and intact, please note the packing tips and the permitted maximum limits for parcel size and weight. You can find these information and the calculation of the girth for tyre delivery here.

The following packaging information should be noted for tyre shipping:

  • The tyres must be protected with card or film for shipping.
  • Tyres with wheel rims can only be shipped if packed completely in cardboard packaging (max. one tyre on rim per box).
  • Send car tyres without rims individually or in pairs – and do not exceed the maximum weight of 40 kilogrammes (50 kilogrammes for express international deliveries).
  • If tyres for bicycles and motorbikes are bundled together, the height of the consignment must not exceed the diameter of a tyre.
  • When sending tyres, take particular care to ensure the parcel label is fixed securely to the outer packaging.

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