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GLS Paketdienst eDeclarationService

We take responsibility for customs clearance: before shipping the parcel, our central customs clearance department will create the electronic export declaration for you. 

We will support you in this process:

  • You simply provide us with the required data and documents smoothly, quickly and securely via the GLS customs portal
  • Step by step, the GLS Customs Portal guides you through the entry of customs data.
  • Customs-compliant creation of the export declaration based on the details in the invoice and the checklist
  • Application of a two-stage process. Exception: flight relations – here a single stage process is applied.

Your benefits:

  • No separate software required, therefore no additional costs for you as the customer
  • Smooth, fast and secure entry of all required customs data and documents in the GLS Customs Portal
  • Electronic processing for the customs authorities via ATLAS (Germany's automated tariff and local customs handling system)
  • Quick, efficient processing thanks to automatic input of your data via interfaces directly into the customs system
  • If you have the authorisation number, you will be issued with your export declaration immediately (no need for the 24-hour waiting period)
  • Export certificate for VAT reimbursement will be provided to you with the bill
  • Prompt, comprehensive documentation


Since July 2009, the customs authorities have required export declarations to be submitted electronically. This applies to the shipping of goods to non-EU countries and to countries that belong to EFTA (European Free Trade Association). The export declaration is made via ATLAS (Germany's automated tariff and local customs handling system).