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    Book consignment is a special shipping method for the transport of books and other goods. This shipping option enables business customers to send books and similar items cost-effectively and efficiently. The term ‘Bücher Warensendung’ already indicates the main use of this shipping method, namely for shipping books. The abbreviation ‘BüWa’ therefore stands for ‘Bücher Warenversendung’, whereby the focus is on the dispatch of books. Special dimensions and weight restrictions must be observed in order to qualify as a book consignment. Overall, book consignment offers a cost-effective way of sending books and facilitates quick access to literature and knowledge for both business customers and recipients.

    Mann sitzt glücklich mit aufgeschlagenem Buch auf der Couch

    Your advantages with the book consignment delivery method

    Discover the ease of sending books with our !Send your book merchandise directly to the recipient's letterbox without a signature - quickly, conveniently and reliably. Find out about the advantages of shipping books and optimise your shipping.

    Your advantages at a glance:

    • Favourable shipping option for books
    • Contactless delivery of book consignments to the letterbox
    • Fast delivery of book consignments to the recipient's letterbox


    Basic information on book consignments

    There is some basic information regarding costs, postage and dimensions for book consignments. We have summarised these for you below. Take a look at the important information about book consignment and send your book directly to the recipient's letterbox soon.

    Maximum dimensions

    Book consignments are subject to certain dimensional restrictions in order to be considered as such. As a rule, book consignments may not exceed a maximum length of 35 cm, a width of 25 cm and a height of 5 cm. These dimensions ensure that the items fit into letterboxes and can be delivered efficiently.

    Prices for shipping books

    The dispatch of books offers attractive prices for business customers. The costs depend on the weight of the consignment and the tariffs of the respective logistics company. Business customers can make additional savings by using the GLS . This service makes it possible to deliver small items directly to the recipient's letterbox, which reduces both shipping costs and delivery times.

    More about the 

    Book consignment costs and postage

    The postage structure for book consignments is already part of the LetterboxService. By bundling consignments and utilising efficient shipping options such as the , you as a GLS business customer can achieve cost savings and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. You can find out the specific postage charges and costs for sending books to the letterbox from your GLS contact person. Not yet a GLS business customer? Then click here!

    How your customers benefit from book consignments

    The practical book consignment service ensures that your customers can receive your book consignments quickly and easily directly in their letterbox. This saves your customers a trip to the ParcelShop or ParcelStation and enables them to start reading the book they have ordered straight away. In addition, the use of smaller parcels helps to save packaging material, which benefits you, your customers and the environment. Become a GLS business customer and benefit from this and many other GLS services!

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