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GLS charges an index-oriented surcharge (%) "Diesel" because of the fluctuation of the crude oil prices which has a significant impact on the transport costs.

When calculating the percentage, GLS uses the "Diesel" motorist price index from the "Verbraucherpreisindex für Deutschland" (Consumer Price Index for Germany, Fachserie 17, Reihe 7) published each month by the Federal Statistical Office.

Once the index is published, GLS determines the current percentage. As of that point in time this surcharge will be used for the invoices and will be disclosed separately and transparently.

The current percentage is 27.50 %.

Diesel at a glance over the last 10 months

Valid for invoices as of...Surcharge (%)
14.06.2022 27.50
11.05.2022 26.50
12.04.2022 28.50
11.03.2022 21.00
11.02.2022 19.00
19.01.2022 18.50
10.12.2021 19.00
10.11.2021 18.00
13.10.2021 15.50
10.09.2021 15.50

GLS reserves the right to change the reference value of the "Diesel" without prior notice and to decide on the amount and duration of the surcharge.

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