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    In retail and e-commerce, fulfilment refers to the process of processing customer orders. It generally includes the receipt of goods, warehousing, order picking, packaging, shipping and returns management. Fulfilment service providers thus enable companies to completely outsource logistics processes, which leads to considerable relief, time and cost savings. The use of advanced technologies strengthens the efficiency and accuracy of the fulfilment process. At the same time, outsourcing companies enjoy greater flexibility and quality of the online offering as well as compliance with legal requirements.

    What is fulfilment? 

    Fulfilment means "fulfilment" or "completion" and can be spelled differently depending on the region. While the spelling "fulfilment" is common in the USA, the spelling "fulfilment" can be found in the UK, Australia or India. In Canada, both spellings are used. Contrary to popular belief, "fullfillment" is not a correct spelling.

    The term fulfilment refers to the comprehensive process of processing customer orders in retail, particularly in e-commerce. It includes the receipt, storage, picking, packing and dispatch of goods as well as returns management and customer service.

    Use our fulfilment service and benefit from these advantages

    Maximised customer satisfaction: Ensure a positive customer experience through fast and efficient deliveries.

    Minimised operating costs: Cost efficiency through optimised logistics processes.

    Increased competitiveness: Strengthen your market position through efficient fulfilment.

    The steps of a fulfilment process

    The fulfilment process comprises predefined steps that fulfil specific and crucial tasks as part of order processing. This structured sequence ensures efficient and error-free processing of customer orders. The fulfilment process runs through the following phases:

    The fulfilment process begins with the receipt of goods, which also includes the qualitative and quantitative inspection of the goods.

    The accepted goods are stored in the fulfilment centre. Once the order has been received, the goods are picked from the warehouse. Efficient and error-free processes are important here in order to optimise delivery times and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

    The picked goods are carefully packed and prepared for dispatch. They are then transported to the customer.

    This step includes the processing of returns and exchange requests from customers. Efficient returns management is essential in order to maintain customer satisfaction and quickly reintegrate the goods into the sales process.

    Your fulfilment process in good hands

    By adding the fulfilment service provider Versandmanufaktur to the GLS ecosystem, we offer you a comprehensive logistics solution at the highest level, from order acceptance to returns management. Versandmanufaktur has three high-performance fulfilment centres in Bochum and Witten and is characterised in particular by automation, speed and numerous customisation options. Join us as a GLS business customer and experience the benefits of our efficient fulfilment process.

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