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  • Diesel surcharge

    The diesel surcharge is a surcharge levied by transport companies to compensate the effects of fluctuations in crude oil prices on transport costs. As crude oil is an essential component of diesel fuel, fluctuations in the price of crude oil also affect the price of diesel fuel and thus the cost of transport. To compensate for these effects, some companies use the "Diesel" motorist price index published monthly by the Federal Statistical Office as the basis for calculating the diesel surcharge.

    The diesel surcharge at transport companies

    After the publication of the index, the companies determine the current percentage of the diesel surcharge. This percentage is then shown separately and transparently in the invoices issued from that point on. The purpose of this measure is to keep transport costs stable so that customers are not directly affected by the strong fluctuations in diesel fuel prices.

    How is the diesel surcharge calculated?

    Because the diesel surcharge is dynamic and can change monthly, it is important for customers to know that the additional cost of their shipping can vary. Some companies allow their customers to access the current percentage of the diesel surcharge, either through their website or through direct communication. This gives customers an idea of the additional costs associated with shipping. At GLS you can find all the information about the costs and the term: energy surcharge, which also covers the cost listing of electricity and gas.

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