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This is how your christmas gifts arrive on time
Please note the following dates for the latest parcel drop-off at ParcelShops! Germany-wide until 21.12, 12 noon. To neighbouring EU countries by 20.12. - to other EU countries by 19.12.

Packing parcels correctly

Packaging parcels correctly is essential to ensure your parcel reaches the consignee intact.
For this reason, we've put together some helpful packing tips to protect your items during transportation.

Stable outer packaging
  • New cardboard made from high-quality, moisture-resistant, at least double-wall card provides the best protection for your parcel.
  • For the cardboard box to be sufficiently large, it must provide enough space for the goods and the internal padding.
  • Be aware of corner, surface and edge protection when packing the parcel.
  • Only reuse boxes for non-fragile goods.
Close securely

Robust fastening is essential for safe transportation.

  • Wrap the parcel with strong adhesive tape and securely fasten all sides.
  • The heavier or bigger the parcel, the stronger the parcel tape needs to be.
Suitable interior padding
  • Completely fill any gaps on the inside of the parcel with padding material. Ensure the goods in the parcel cannot move.
  • Match the padding material precisely to the goods being sent. Fitted styrofoam pieces are recommended for heavy and fragile goods. Light items can be packed in bubble wrap.
  • There should be no direct contact between the goods and the external packaging of the parcel.
Easily legible packing slips
  • Always attach the shipping label to the biggest side of the parcel.
  • Remove old sending or return labels.
  • Once correctly packed, send the parcels individually – not as bundles. Each parcel should receive its own parcel label.
Extra tips
  • Adhere to the maximum parcel size and weight for everything you send.

    More information on this is available on the page Price overview for Germany & Europe.
  • Certain items, such as medication, cash or perishable goods, cannot be sent with GLS.
    You can find the full list of forbidden items in the general terms and conditions.
  • GLS boxes are the ideal parcel packaging and can be bought directly from many GLS ParcelShops in sizes XS, S and M.
  • Bulky goods: the shape of the parcel packaging can contribute to it being considered "unsortable".

    You will find more information on this in the NC goods guideline in our downloads section.
Create and pay conveniently online

With GLS-ONE from 3.50 € and with optional registration, you can handle everything online for even greater convenience.

The GLS App for when you're on the move

The free GLS App (Android & iOS) lets you conveniently create parcel labels using your smartphone.

Complete and pay at the GLS ParcelShop

You will find a GLS ParcelShop very close by and conveniently situated.


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