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  • Parcel delivery is the central component of a parcel service provider. This is a process in which the parcel service provider hands over the dispatched parcel to the recipient. Only when the parcel or small package has been handed over to the recipient in person, alternatively delivered to the ParcelShop or left at an agreed location, has the shipment been officially delivered. The duration of the parcel delivery and whether the parcel is handed over on a Saturday can differ for each parcel service provider.

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    Ordinary parcel delivery

    Ideally, the recipient can take delivery of the parcel in person. On the driver's hand-held scanner, the recipient confirms with his or her signature that he or she has received the parcel. Another member of the household or a neighbour can also accept the parcel.

    Delivery and transport times

    We deliver parcels on working days from Monday to Friday - within Germany usually within 24 hours. 

    You can find more information about the duration of parcel delivery, also to other countries, on our website about the standard delivery times.

    Parcel delivery is not possible, what now?

    If we can't meet you or another member of your household, we'll either ask a neighbour to accept the parcel or we'll take it to the nearest GLS ParcelShop - if there is one nearby (does not apply to tyre and wheel shipments). Undeliverable parcels remain in our ParcelShop for eight working days. During this period, you can decide for yourself when to pick up your parcel.

    If no parcel delivery is possible in the neighbourhood and there is no GLS ParcelShop nearby, the parcel will be returned to our depot (distribution centre). From the day following the delivery attempt, the parcel will be available for collection for eight working days. If it is not collected during this time, the parcel will be returned to the sender.

    You want to redirect your parcel directly and once to a ParcelShop nearby? If this option is available for your parcel, you can easily do this in the parcel tracking

    Would you like to have a solution for all future parcels? Then give us permanent drop-off permission. To do this, simply log in to your personal account or register now.  

    The notification card

    If the parcel could not be delivered to the address originally specified, the delivery driver will leave a notification card or you will receive the information by e-mail. Here you will find all the important information about where your parcel is located now, such as the name of the neighbour, details of the GLS ParcelShop or the GLS Depot. The notification card also allows you to authorise third parties. You will find the authorisation for collection on the back of your notification card or online as PDF to download and print out.

    The notification card also contains a reference to the drop-off permission. This allows you to give GLS permission to leave future parcels at an agreed location. This means you no longer have to worry about the delivery time in the future.

    Issue a permanent delivery permit directly!

    GLS parcel service notification card in case of unsuccessful delivery attempt

    The correct way to use the Track ID

    You find a number on the notification card: the "Track ID". You can use this number to track the status or progress of your shipment online - in the same way as you use the parcel number. This is very easy to do via our parcel tracking.

    You can also use the Track ID to change the delivery options online. Simply enter your Track ID in the parcel tracking and you will see all the options at a glance. This is important if there is a second delivery attempt. We make this attempt if no neighbour was able to accept the parcel delivery and there was no GLS ParcelShop nearby. If you have selected another delivery option via the Track ID, the procedure for the next parcel delivery will be based on your individual recipient request.

    Change of delivery options

    • Preferred day: Renewed parcel delivery at the originally specified address - you select the day.
    • New address: Delivery to another address that you define.
    • GLS ParcelShop: Parcel delivery to a GLS ParcelShop of your choice (not possible for tyres).
    • Drop-off permission: The delivery driver may then drop off your parcel at the location you have specified.
    • Refusal to accept: The parcel will be returned to the sender.
    • Collection at GLS Depot: The parcel remains in the depot and is ready for collection by you for eight working days. There will be no new parcel delivery.

    Change your delivery options now!


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