The 1st AR 
Parcel Sending Experience

Effortless Parcel Sizing and Labeling with Augmented Reality Magic
Ready to ship the smart way? Meet the AR feature in the new GLS Parcel App – where sizing parcels is a snap and labels are a breeze. No more shipping guesswork – just fun, fast, and flawless sending, all in one app.
Parcel Tracking

Stay up to date.
Every step of the way.

Effortlessly track your parcels in real-time with our intuitive Parcel Tracking feature. Watch as your packages move closer to their destination, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with staying informed. No more wondering – just reliable updates at your fingertips.
Purchase Labels

Labelling Made Simple. 
Buy, Stick, Ship.

Say goodbye to label confusion and hello to hassle-free shipping. With our Purchase Labels feature, you can swiftly select and buy shipping labels, ensuring your packages are ready to go in no time. Stick them on, and off they go to their new homes. It’s shipping convenience, all wrapped up.
Just 5 clicks to purchase
National and international deliveries
40 kg for all sizes
Push Notifications

Stay Informed. At the touch of a button.

Discover a new era of parcel tracking with our push notification feature. No longer wonder about the status of your parcel-our system ensures you receive instant updates as it moves. From departure to arrival, our push notifications provide timely alerts, bringing you real-time insights on the go. Embrace hassle-free tracking and experience the confidence that comes with staying informed throughout your parcel's delivery.

Auto-detect upcoming parcels.

Simplify your parcel tracking experience with our new auto-detection feature. When sending a parcel, just input the recipient's email address and let the magic happen. Our advanced system seamlessly locates the parcel linked to your recipient details, granting them instant access to live updates. Say goodbye to manual tracking codes and hello to effortless visibility. Experience the future of parcel tracking through auto-detection and enjoy a new level of convenience.
Address Book

Your Personal Shipping Hub. Simplified.

Managing addresses has never been this easy. Our Address Book feature lets you organise and store recipient details effortlessly. Say farewell to typing and retyping addresses – just pick from your saved list, and you’re good to go. Simplify your shipping process and keep those precious addresses at your fingertips.
Delivery Points

Find ParcelShops
and ParcelLockers
near you

Drop-Off Permission

Save your 
personal delivery preferences

Device Syncing

Keep your parcels
in sync across 
all devices

Let's disrupt the world of logistics with us

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