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Drop off permission – contactless delivery

Convenient solution for recipients

On request, GLS will drop off parcels in a designated location – for example in the garage or on the patio.

This is particularly practical for recipients who cannot take receipt of their parcels in person. This means they are not bound to a precise delivery time.

Issuing GLS with a drop off permission is very simple: choose between a one-time drop off permission for single parcels or a permanent drop off permission for all parcels addressed to you until further notice.

Just fill out the form electronically and print it – don't forget the signature. Then attach the document clearly visible at your front door or send the permanent drop off permission to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once you have issued GLS with a drop off permission, the parcel is deemed to be delivered when it is dropped off in the designated location.

Fill out the form online
Print and sign
Provide completed form to GLS
Contactless delivery

Contactless delivery – your safety – our solution

Receive your parcels safely. Upon request, GLS can drop off your parcels at a location of your choice, for example outside your front door, the hallway, or your garden. You just need to sign up for contactless delivery.

This is particularly practical for recipients who cannot or do not want to receive their parcels in person. You won't need to worry about exact delivery times anymore and you will also minimise any contact risks in the current situation. By completing the form you can request the delivery agent to ring your doorbell/buzzer upon arrival. This way you will directly know that your parcel has arrived.

In many cases, you can issue a one-time drop off permission for your shipment before the first delivery attempt. To do this just use the parcel tracking and select the option "Grant drop off permission". Use this option to grant a one-time drop off permission easily.

Or just fill out an online form to grant a drop off permission. Fill in your data electronically, print it – don't forget your signature – and stick it visibly onto your door. Choose one of the two forms listed above (yellow buttons).

Are there exceptions to contactless delivery?

Yes. Contactless delivery is not an option if the parcel delivery requires proof of identity, or the parcel contains certain sensitive items. Therefore we cannot offer contactless delivery if the sender has contracted one of the following services:

Please note that the following services are still delivered by our delivery agents and that we currently do not require a signature in the hand scanner as a safety and protection meassure, even when the parcel will be delivered directly.