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Prices for private national and international parcel shipping

No matter where you want your shipment to go - Germany? France? To Finland further away? Or perhaps to Spain? - With us you can send parcels nationally and internationally. Cheap, fast and secure.

Is your next parcel already waiting? Jump here directly to the appropriate price overview:

GLS Paketdienst Deutschland Paketversand national deutschlandweit
Price overview national parcel shipping
GLS Paketdienst Deutschland Paketversand international
Price overview international parcel shipping

Parcel prices for national shipping of private parcels and packages

The shipping costs for your parcel depend on the parcel size. You can find the price for national parcel shipping here in the table, or frank your parcel directly online via GLS-ONE. There you will also find all the prices for the parcel sizes offered at a glance.. Auch dort finden Sie alle Preise der angebotenen Paketgrößen auf einen Blick.

By the way: If you use our online franking via GLS-ONE, you not only save time when dropping off the parcel, but also up to €2 in shipping costs!

Overview of parcel prices within Germany
Parcel prices nationwide

Standard delivery time: 1 day (Mon - Fri)

Max. Weight: 40kg

Size Dimensions** Online Send@ParcelShop Online Send@Home Payment in GLS ParcelShop
XS max. 35 cm 3,50 € 4,30 € 4,50 €
S max. 50 cm 4,30 € 4,90 € 5,50 €
M max. 70 cm 5,40 € 6,30 € 7,50 €
L max. 90 cm 9,50 € 9,90 € 11,50 €
XL max. 3 m girth* 18,90 € 18,90 € 19,50 €

* Circumference of the parcel plus longest side: max. 3 m (maximum length: 2 m, maximum height: 60 cm, maximum width: 80 cm)
** Longest + shortest side max.

For national shipments, GLS charges an island surcharge of 13.95 € for the following postal code areas: 18565 (Hiddensee), 25849 (Pellworm), 25859 (Hooge), 25863 (Langeneß), 25869 (Gröde), 25938 (Föhr), 25946 (Amrum), 25980, 25992, 25996, 25997, 25999 (Sylt) 26465 (Langeoog), 26474 (Spiekeroog), 26486 (Wangerooge), 26548 (Norderney), 26571 (Juist), 26579 (Baltrum), 26757 (Borkum), 27498 (Helgoland)

All prices include value added tax.

To online franking

Parcel prices for private international parcel shipping by payment in GLS ParcelShops

We divide the European countries into four euro zones. Depending on the zone, the parcel prices vary. See here which eurozone your destination country belongs to:

Euro I

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands

Euro II

Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain

Euro III

Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia

Euro IV

Bulgaria, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Romania

For international shipping, the size of the parcel is also decisive for the amount of the shipping costs. The table shows you the price for sending your parcel by size and eurozone:

Parcel prices to Europe at a glance
Parcel prices Europe-wide

Standard delivery time: 1 day (Mon - Fri)

Max. weight: 40kg

Size Dimensions** Euro I Euro II Euro III Euro IV
XS max. 35 cm 9,99 € 13,99 € 16,49 € 19,99 €
S max. 50 cm 12,49 € 14,49 € 19,29 € 24,99 €
M max. 70 cm 15,79 € 18,79 € 20,99 € 27,99 €
L max. 90 cm 18,99 € 22,99 € 28,49 € 34,99 €
XL max. 3 m girth* 24,99 € 29,99 € 32,99 € 44,49 €

* Circumference of the parcel plus longest side: max. 3 m (maximum length: 2 m, maximum height: 60 cm, maximum width: 80 cm)
** Longest + shortest side max.

All prices include value added tax.

To online franking

All parcel prices - online and in the ParcelShop - at a glance

For all details, select your destination country from the list or by clicking on the map. This way you can see all the information and shipping costs at a glance. Or use our online franking GLS-ONE directly. There you can select the desired country and directly see the current shipping prices per parcel size. Simply click and off you go.

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