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  • Create a new GLS account and import existing data

    The new GLS website gls-pakete.de replaces the previous GLS-ONE site and makes sending and receiving parcels even easier. Here we explain how you can re-register once and how your existing data remains secure. The new registration takes on average less than 1 minute and is really easy.

    It's that simple:

    1 registrierung

    1. create a new account

    If you are already a GLS-ONE customer, we ask you to register once on gls-pakete.de. You can create your new account with Facebook, Google or your Apple-ID. Alternatively, you can enter your email address manually. The easiest way to transfer data is to register with the same email address you already use at GLS-ONE.

    Start your registration at the top via "Account".

    2. import existing data

    Once you have registered on www.gls-pakete.de with the same email address you already use with GLS-ONE, you can transfer your data in seconds. To do this, go to:

    ‚My Account' - 'Manage Account' - 'Import Existing Data'.

    Transferable data includes your address book, drop off permission, default address and previously tracked parcels.
    Note: Your already purchased package labels cannot be transferred.

    2 daten importieren
    3 -import abgeschlossen

    3. Done! Send and receive as usual

    Everything done? Then you can send and receive parcels with GLS as usual.
    You can also use the new GLS Parcels app with your new account and buy parcel labels or track your shipments on the go.

    So register again within a minute before your old GLS-ONE account is deleted.

    Changed your e-mail address? No problem!

    You want to use a different email address for your new registration and still transfer your data? This is how it works:

    import mit geänderter e-mail

    1. Register with your new account
    First, register with the account you want - your new email address or an existing social account (Facebook, Google or Apple-ID). Then log in with your new account.

    2. Enter additional email address
    Go to 'My account' - 'Manage Account' - 'Email addresses'. Here you can enter additional email addresses that should be used for the assignment of your parcels and the data transfer from GLS-ONE. Enter the email address you used to log in to GLS-ONE.

    3. Confirm e-mail and import data
    After you have validated the e-mail address used in GLS-ONE once, you can import your data from GLS-ONE directly.
    Your data will be on your new account in seconds.

    The most frequently asked questions about the new website

    What changes for me as an account holder?

    You only have to register again. Whether you choose the same email as your old account with GLS-ONE is up to you. But please note: Only if you use the same mail for your new registration, your existing data can be transferred automatically.

    What happens to my existing account if I don't re-register?

    Your account will be deleted in a while alongside with the GLS-ONE page. After deletion, the data cannot be restored, so we recommend that you re-register soon.

    What happens to the old GLS-ONE site?

    The old GLS-ONE website will be shut down shortly and previous accounts will be deleted. All the usual functions such as parcel tracking and franking can be found on the new GLS-Pakete.de.


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